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// guitar/vocals


This cat laughs a lot and plays awesome guitar.

Sheldon Senek

// keys/vocals


This cat tries to get Jim to laugh a lot. His motto for playing is: "fake it 'til you make it.


// drums


This cat watches all the monkey business from behind. He secretly loves more cowbell.


// bass/vocals


The cat hears everything and nothing. He is a bass ninja.

THE Cats in the BAND

About Our Vintage Sound


The Mad Slap Tones specialize in breathing fresh life into vintage rock, rhythm and blues music. We have a strong focus on those hot guitar licks and flying piano sounds (kind of Brian Setzer meets Jerry Lee Lewis), and a tight rhythm section. We dive into 1950s slap-back influencers of rock, original rhythm and blues, jump music, boogie boogie, rockabilly, New Orleans, swing, many blues genres, and gems from 60s onward that where inspired by roots rock pioneers. We have one rule, it's got to be an a vintage style.  


In addition to Setzer and Lewis, we cover so many artists, from Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Hank Williams, B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Reed, Link Wray, Nat King Cole, Bruce Springsteen, Bill Haley, Big Joe Turner, Ricky Nelson, and more!

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