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New Date Alert! August 22nd (Pine Bush, NY) Speakeasy Motors American Whiskey Company

Updated: Jul 1

On Thursday, August 22nd, The Mad Slap Tones will be crossing state lines into New York to play at the Speakeasy Motors American Whiskey Company/Liquid Mercantile Distillery in Pine Bush, NY.

We'll be bringing our Vintage Rock, Rhythm and Blues to this super cool place!

About the distillery from their website:

"Liquid Mercantile Distillery is located at 174 Hardenburgh Road, Pine Bush, NY on the property of Baldwin Winery.  The tasting room and cocktail lounge focuses on our flagship whiskey brand, Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Co, as well as our Brandy and Fruit Liqueurs.

Our distiller, Mark Chiancone, distills our fruit brandies in small batches with a focus on Hudson Valley terroir using a combination of traditional and modern methods for producing spirits. Every batch starts with fresh seasonal harvests from local farms.

Speakeasy Motors whiskies begin with New York grain and are aged for a minimum of two years in new charred American oak barrels. They are barreled at a pre-prohibition style low proof so that less water is added after aging to maximize flavor.

Liquid Mercantile fruit liqueurs are created by macerating fresh local produce to capture the essence of Hudson Valley agriculture.  Our Cacao Hazelnut Liqueur, hand crafted by bartender Matty, is a decadent balance between chocolate and hazelnuts.  Perfect for cocktails or an after dinner digestif.

Depending on the spirit we distill our mashes in either a traditional direct fire alembic still or a modern jacketed hybrid still.  Once we have captured all the alcohol, we redistill and separate the highest quality ethanol while retaining some of the most delicate flavors of the source ingredients.  Once we have taken out the “heart” of the batch, we take our sweet time in lowering the proof, sometimes taking up to a full year to introduce the water to the spirit.

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